Nice App Just another WordPress site Sun, 31 May 2015 19:14:36 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Alien Attacks : The Intergalactic Space Battle By Nice App Inc. Fri, 26 Jul 2013 21:53:11 +0000 admin read more →]]> Ever wonder how it would feel to be an alien?

This is the game just for you… You are Raymond, a nice alien but your universe is in danger and you have to defend it against all sort of human spaceships and satellites coming your way.


In this fast paced game, you will have to collect stars for points in order to unlock better spaceships to help you in your fight.

You are first flying with your jetpack but collect stars and unlock:

- The XJ100 – Small but rapid and agile flying saucer.
- The XJ500 – Slower spaceship but has an amazing blasting laser.

This game is exciting, easy to control and ***EXTREMELY ADDICTIVE***
Fly your spacecraft with one finger and shoot enemies with the other.
Hold your finger onto the screen for fast laser blasting destruction.


- Multiplayer – Play with your friends and show them what you are made of!
- Beautiful retina display
- Fast and frantic shooting
- Coolest music ever
- Endless and exciting gameplay


iPhone Screenshot 1


iPhone Screenshot 2


iPhone Screenshot 3


iPhone Screenshot 4


iPhone Screenshot 5


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Roxanne Carr For Mayor Thu, 20 Jun 2013 22:46:17 +0000 admin read more →]]> I am running to be the Mayor of Strathcona County because I believe we need to embark on a new era of openness and transparency. Government cannot be done behind closed doors, run by a few. We need a Mayor in Strathcona County who can engage all of Council, and our community members in the discussions and decisions.

I believe we need to ensure we are providing the services and infrastructure required for our growing, but also aging community, while moving forward with an eye on our economic sustainability.

We must innovate, and find smarter ways of doing municipal work while also being fiscally responsible.

We must be asking ourselves are we doing the best work with your tax dollars?

Finally, we must change the way we work. I believe we must build more collaborative relationships with business, regional municipalities, and our provincial representatives.

I have a vision for our County that I hope inspires you, excites you, and engages your imagination as we embark on a new phase of my mayoralty campaign. If you’re so inclined, please read the article in the Sherwood Park News about my announcement.

I wanted you to know that I am so very humbled and grateful that you are willing to help me on this campaign. There is a lot of work to do in the days ahead and I am grateful for your time and commitment as we strive for change.

I am looking forward to the opportunity to work with you and to learn from you and all the friends you will be bringing along with you to be part of our amazing campaign team.

As former US President Ronald Reagan said: “It is amazing what can be accomplished when you don’t care who gets the credit.”

What you will find in this app:

- The list of all our events and where I will be appearing throughout the campaign.
- What I stand for and the causes that are close to my heart.
- Get notified of any updates in my campaign.
- Find out how you can volunteer with us.
- Sign up to become a supporter.
- Answer our surveys and share your opinion
- And much more…

Swiss Map Mobile in the App Store

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The Edmonton Humane Society (Coming Soon) Sat, 25 May 2013 05:15:56 +0000 admin COMING SOON! Stay tuned for their release on the app stores!Kormetal KM 245как хранить косметикуруферrent houses miamiпродвижение сайтаbuy houses in floridabinary optionсмотрискачать мост конструктор на андроидbinary options welcome bonus

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The Advantages For Your Business Of Offering Mobile Reservations Tue, 30 Apr 2013 00:22:58 +0000 admin read more →]]> Reservations-e1365606352215

Many businesses and Restaurants use traditional methods to take reservations form prospective clients. The traditional methods used to make book these appointments vary, but they are commonly done over the phone and written by hand into some type of written record. This might be an old fashioned way to take reservations, but this has been the preferred style for many years.

Therefore, we won’t demand that this traditional method has to change.

Instead we will simply inform you of cost that this reservation taking method can have on your business. It may seem like only a small aspect of your business, but it can have a large impact on your sales. This outdated method may even cause some potential customers to not frequent your establishment and instead seek the services of your competitor. Just recently, a mobile restaurant reservation service reported that some restaurants were acquiring a substantial percent of their reservations form online bookings. In fact, the actual percentage of mobile bookings for restaurants was over 12% with a third being secured through the use of a mobile device.

Even though this percentage can differ depending on your location and business, it is very apparent that not having an online accessible business that accepts mobile bookings will negatively impact your sales figures. In order for your business to run at optimum capacity you must use all available technology to gain customers. The concept is very basic, the more roadblocks that you put between your business and your customer will only increase the likelihood that your potential customer seeks the services of your competitor. In today’s society with the busy schedules that everyone has even minor tasks can be seen as massive barriers.

1. Accessing a phone book to find the number

2. Having to actually dial the number

3. Being in a location where cellular service is accessible

4. The ability to be in an environment conducive to making phone calls

5. The pressure associated with talking to individuals you are unfamiliar with over the phone

6. Having to wait for the appropriate person to talk to

The barriers that exist using traditional methods to make reservations are endless and can really impact the amount of customers that frequent your business often. Every business strives to eliminate as many barriers as possible between their customers and their services. The addition of mobile features to your businesses website can be effective in eliminating barriers and making your business more accessible.

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NCG – Naslund Consulting Group Fri, 19 Apr 2013 03:37:53 +0000 admin read more →]]> NCG Inc is built on the premise that organizations are what they are because of the people who work for them. Employees influence client service standards, organizational culture, work ethic, staff retention (turnover rates), pace of growth, sustainability and … the financial bottom line.

NCG Inc believes in the talent, skill and potential of each employee and the team of employees who make up your work environment. Our focus is strengthening organizations by capitalizing on their human resources through training, facilitation and support, organizational evaluation and development, teambuilding, communication, executive coaching and Board development.

Here are some of the great features you will find in our app:

- Fill out our evaluation forms right from inside the app and easily send them to us by simply pushing a button. No need to fill out paper forms anymore!
- Get our courses and training schedule on the go.
- Register in advance for our trainings.
- View our list of services on the go.
- Meet our team and contact them easily from the app.
- And much, much more…


Swiss Map Mobile in the App Store

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Mobile Apps Versus Mobile Websites – Which One Is The Best? Wed, 17 Apr 2013 17:18:36 +0000 admin read more →]]> Many business experts and owners have agreed that business owners are better off getting a business app rather than a mobile website. This shocking piece of information was backed up by statistics from a study that was conducted by a company named Flurry.


Flurry released the results of this study and they indicated that web users were more heavily favoring the mobile apps rather than the mobile website. Flurry delved even further into the investigation and found that most of the web users surveyed were spending about 80 percent of their time in a mobile app. statistically speaking this means that the average web user would browse an app (s) for approximately two hours each day rather than the thirty minutes spent browsing mobile web pages.

Many experts believe that this rapid rise of the apps is due to the fact that most of the apps used by mobile internet users are games. In fact one third of the apps used are game apps. Social media is another one fifth of the internet usage. This time is spent on social media apps like, Facebook, Twitter, and youTube. Most mobile internet users also stated that they no longer use a browser, but rather use a social media site like Facebook to find a business’s page rather than find the individual mobile website.



This switch from using Google to find businesses or standalone webpages will only increase the app domination. The average number of apps used daily is steadily growing and will continue to grow as more apps are created and developed. Many of the web experts and app developers worried that people would become bored with downloading apps, but there seems to be only an increase in popularity rather than a decrease. In fact in 2010 the average number of apps launched each day, by one person, was seven. In 2013 the number has risen to 8 apps per day per user.

The increase in desire for apps is great for web developers who create the apps and for the small businesses that decided to take the leap and pay to have an app developed for their business. Business owners who are thinking of putting together an app should do so now because the app market is still underserved meaning people are still looking and wanting more apps. If the company is able to publish their apps soon the chances are their app will be noticed and even downloaded.позиция сайта по запросупозиция сайта в гуглеблюда блендером фото24option bad reviewsday trading psychology tipsзагранпаспорт список документовeuropean escort malaysiahitmanвконтактеизготовление продвижение сайтов

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Why Every Spa Needs A Mobile App And Mobile Website Wed, 10 Apr 2013 18:51:55 +0000 admin read more →]]>  

Unknown-3  A spa is where a guest can relax, rejuvenate and get relieved of all the psychological, physical and emotional stresses of a hectic week. Every aspect of a spa, whether it is the infrastructure or the professionalism, friendliness and caring attitude of the staffs or the music, lights, fragrances, oils and lotions, forms a world that is pleasant, enticing and refreshing. It is an experience that every guest would cherish but behind all the comforts and unwinding of the mind and the body, there is stress, anxiety and challenges for a spa owner.

For a spa owner, it is a business and like any other business, there are financial challenges, strife to meet revenue targets, wages to pay, bills to take care of and eventually some profit to be made. No business is a cakewalk and the same stands true for a spa.

To ease the entire process and also to enhance the sustainability and profitability of your business, you can take the assistance of a mobile app and mobile website.

There many benefits of having a mobile app and a mobile website. Here are five of the extremely desirable and effective rewards.

Mobile Reservations

Having a mobile app and a mobile website would allow customers to make quick reservations using their smart phones or tablets. There is no requirement to call up the front desk, to turn on a desktop or to visit in person. Many customers do not like to keep talking on the phone and a mobile app would also streamline and automate the reservation process for you. No paperwork, no manual scheduling and no need of having a staff to spend more time on tedious bookkeeping are some of the other benefits of mobile reservations.


A mobile app or mobile website can offer all the information about the spa including available slots, list of services, skills and expertise of staffs along with other customers’ feedback and contact information including location assisted by a map, phone numbers and other details.

Offers and Coupons

A mobile app or mobile website is a great tool to circulate coupons or announce offers. You can use systems like push notifications which would ensure that your target customer views the offer and a mobile app or mobile website can also track all activity of users viewing, clicking or following up on offers.

Client Relations

With a mobile app or mobile website, you can learn more about your customer; ask questions or feedback to show that their opinion matters and you can always maintain an effective customer relationship by catering to every requisite or enquiry of a client in real time.

Social Networking & Marketing

A mobile app or mobile website can always prompt a guest to share their experience at the spa on social networks, issue notifications when they visit the spa or make a reservation and also express their feedback publicly so people in their social networks can be enticed to become clients of the spa as well.

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Why Every Church Needs A Mobile App and Mobile Website Wed, 10 Apr 2013 18:40:24 +0000 admin read more →]]>  


Your spiritual life shouldn’t stay limited to holy days—it’s a full time commitment. In fact, your commitment to your faith should extend throughout the entire week. Mobile devices are a perfect instrument to maintain your faith throughout the week—and on the go.


No matter where we go now, we always have our mobile devices with us. They’re, in many ways, our main connection to the rest of the world. With a mobile app, churches or other religious organizations can let their community members essentially ‘stay connected’ long after they leave their establishment.


Want to know why mobile apps are an asset for churches and other religious establishments? Here’s a list of features many can use to their advantage:


  • Video sharing for services, programs and other important events. If community members can’t attend events, video footage of those same events can be recorded and uploaded to a mobile app or website. Even important texts can get shared via this method.
  • Communication.  Mobile apps essentially make it much simpler for community members and religious leaders to communicate with each other. Religious mobile apps can include chat clients, message boards and even confessions. Program schedules, service hours and other organizational information can be stored in an app for members to access.
  • Fundraising services. Did you know that a church or religious organization can solicit donations through a mobile app? Mobile apps introduce more creative ways to encourage the community to donate to others. Even if a community members choose to not to donate, they can share that same donation link via social media to allow others to contribute.
  • Member support. Besides donations, community members themselves need help too. Mobile apps can provide a support channel for members in need. As an example, some churches provide ways for members to submit and fulfill prayer requests via mobile apps. Even if they wish to receive anonymous help, mobile apps can provide them a way to do that.
  • Encourage volunteering and service. Mobile apps can provide a way for churches and religious organizations to remind their members about service and volunteer opportunities throughout the week. Supplemental information about said volunteering and service work can encourage members to learn more and increase their chances of committing to service during weekdays and weekends.


Churches and other religious organization have a lot of uses for mobile apps—maintaining the connection between the establishment and its members that remains the most important reason. Even a basic mobile app can help an establishment foster this connection. Contact us today if you want your organization’s new mobile app running soon.

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Why Every Gym And Fitness Club Needs A Mobile App And Mobile Website Wed, 10 Apr 2013 18:35:45 +0000 admin read more →]]>  

feat004  Mobile is expected to increase in relevancy this year—thanks to that, mobile is now more important to small businesses across the country. Mobile apps provide new ways for people to extend and enhance their experience at an establishment—and gyms are no different.


Whether a gym wants to increase their membership, improve their customer satisfaction record or even just raise their brand profile, mobile apps provide an incredible amount of benefits that can bolster its business performance. Here’s six of those benefits for gyms:


  • Increasing memberships. With a good mobile website or app, a gym can interest their membership prospects. With great ones, they can convert said prospects into members. If these same memberships are sold online, it saves business resources and allows people to sign up for a gym membership without the discomfort of visiting in person.
  • Providing information. Mobile apps let people get to information in faster and better ways than a desktop site—it’s a sentiment shared across the growing mobile-oriented world. If you’re setting up your mobile gym site, posting your establishment’s contact details on the first page of your mobile app is a great idea.
  • Creative app and website features. Both mobile apps and websites open different interaction opportunities regarding how people consume your establishment’s information. Many gym-oriented apps include creative features like calorie counting apps, fitness expert Q&A and even live video classes for prospects and members.
  • Incentives. If you want to get more prospects, it’s always great to offer incentives. Incentives like offers and coupons works hand-in-hand at times with mobile apps. They also work when up-selling subscriptions to interested prospects. Mobile websites and/or apps deliver these perks in the form of of push notifications to their devices.
  • Find out more about customers. Mobile analytics provide valuable information about both prospects and members. You can potentially learn about the pages they visit the most, solicit feedback and get information through other resources to aid the improvement of your mobile presence.
  • Get more social. Mobile apps and website allow both prospects and members to share your content via social networking sites. This allows them to share their personal accomplishments—and provide more exposure for your brand.


There are plenty of opportunities out there to get exposure and membership conversions, though mobile apps and website let gyms reap both benefits at the same time. If you want to gain potentially increased revenue, promotion and share even more information about your brand, perhaps we can help you. Contact us today to get your gym’s mobile website and/or app up and running.ооо полигон адресmake company logo freeescort girltranslateпродвижение сайтов заказатьcondos for rent in hallandale beach flmalaysiaINSSIDERпрограмма для взлома mail

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